A horse-boat conveys cattle and carriages every day coming with the tide. A market sloop plies on market-days when the morning tide favours. Barton people can go to Hull for 1d.; Hull people to Barton and back for 2d.; Strangers 4d. This is a privilege yet in force from the ancient ferry charters. There is one steam packet to and from Hull ; it leaves Hull at 7 o'clock, returns from Barton at 8; leaves Hull again at 12, returns again at 2; leaves a third time at 4, and starts from Barton again at half-past 6.
Some years ago, before the packet was established, a hoy sailed once a day ; of course the packet has benefitted the public.
The fares are 6d. and 1s; the accommodation appeared to us not so good by any means as such a continual transit of passengers should obtain. There is an export of corn, malt, bricks, tiles, starch, &c. and an import of coals, &c.