Messrs. Hall's Ropery has been carried on by them since 1803. A fire occurred on the premises about fifty years ago, which did damage to the amount of several thousand Pounds; about seven years after, there was another fire. During the war with France, immense government stores were manufactured here. Extensive additions, in new buildings and machinery, have been recently erected; and the manufacture of sail-cloth has been added. Every description of cordage is made; the premises are lighted by gas. The average number of hands employed is 100.
Great quantities of Chalk Stone are annually sent from Mr. Graburn's quarry, which was opened about 1790. From forty to fifty thousand tons have been shipped per annum, affording employment to forty men.
Many tons of this stone are yearly converted into Whiting at the mills in the town; part of this material is for export.
A large Malting trade is carried on; the average number of quarters on which the duty of 21s. 8d. per qr. was paid during the last four years being between six and seven thousand.
Postage Stamps to the value of £400 are annually sold in Barton, being 90,000 single stamps.