26 Trading Vessels, exclusive of the ferry boats, belong to Barton. They are chiefly engaged in the coasting trade. Fifty years ago, there were only 7.
From the adaptability of some parts of the soil, and its proximity to the Humber, the manufacture of Bricks and Tiles has long been carried on to a large extent. Mr. MackriIl's yard has been worked for more than 100 years; the others have been opened during the present century. The average number of hands employed is 75, with 25 additional during the summer months.
Tanning has long been one of the staple trades. Mr. Johnson's pits, chiefly for the preparation of English and foreign hides, are the oldest. Messrs. Minto's pits were sunk in 1817; the saddlery which took the first prize at the Great Exhibition of 1851 was tanned in them. Average number of hands, 25.