The coaches run through Barton to the Humber side, a short mile from the market place. A drain, used for harbourage, borders the way on the right. Barton Ferry Is, perhaps, the oldest we have in the land; and Barton has derived its chief consequence from it ; but it appears this ancient ferry is on the 6th of April next to be stript of its most profitable honours, by a new route being marked out for the mail, which has for a long time sent the Hull letter bags across, to and from here; but is after that to forward them by a ferry, lately established at New Holland, " without trade and almost without inhabitants." A trial of the two ferries was ordered by the postmaster general, and the light mail cart that traversed the land of the New Holland route, outstript the speed of the mail coach with luggage and passengers, so that the former obtained over Barton an advantage of about three minutes of time.