Barton is 34 miles North from Lincoln, and 167 North from London, on the road from Kingston-upon-Hull. It stands on a gentle acclivity, rising from the south bank of the Humber. The traveller from Lincoln journeys for near 20 miles through a flat level country, along a road almost as straight as a line can be drawn, being the ancient Roman Road, called Ermine-Street. Eleven miles on this side of Barton we pass through Brigg; here we see the coffin containing the corpse of the Hon. George Pelham, brother of Lord Yarborough, and resting on its way to the family Mausoleum, 9 miles off.
Near Barton, a village appears at almost every mile.
, seat of T. G. Corbett, Esq., M. P.
belongs to John Webb, Esq. : he was one of three illegitimate sons endowed with three parishes.
is pretty: it consists of extensive farms belonging to Lord Yarborough.
, a charming place, the property of J. W. Barton, Esq.
, seat of John Tufnall, Esq., and partly his property and partly Lord Yarborough's.
South Ferriby
, seat of Sir John Nelthorpe, yet a minor, who has very extensive possessions in this district. It is admirably situated on the side of the first hill of the Wolds extending 40 or 50 miles South East through the county, cut in two as it were by the Humber. From the third hill of this range the rivers Humber, Trent, and Ouse, and York Minster may be distinctly seen.