Who would have thought?
A day out with CITIZAN.
The Harrison Bell Founders of Barrow and Barton.
The Church Lads Brigade in Barton on Humber.
The Reverend Charles Barton and the rebuilding of Saxby All Saints Church 1846 - 1851.
Monty enlightens us with a description of the life and works of Henry Treece.
Paul Laws and Richard Allison
Peter Croton
Nev Gray
Trevor Cherry
Monty Martin
Paul and Richard describe the work of CITIZAN and share their findings during a walk on the Humber foreshore in May of 2019.
Peter gives an in-depth look at the talents of five generations of local Bell Founders and Bell Hangers.
Nev introduces us to the history of the Church Lads Brigade which was founded in 1891 in Fulham.
Trevor explains how the Manorial Rights of Barrow upon Humber were purchased by his Aunt in 1981, and how he came to acquire them just a few years ago.
Saxby All Saints Church dates back from the 13th Century. Di gives a vivid description of the difficulties encountered and overcome during the years of the rebuild.
Henry Treece, Barton's Literary Giant
Di Plumb
A Postcard from Barton in 1903.
Nigel Land
Nigel describes his find and describes how he traced the history of the card and its sender and recipient.
Some early Barton Wills.
Geoff Bryant
Geoff explains the intricasies of deciphering documents pertaining to wills and inventories from the late 17th Century.
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