The Early Days of Barton's Bicycle Industry and Links with the Cycling Club
Partly involving Railways
Watch your feet when walking down Southgate
The Saxby All Saints Memorial
Barton's two Public Parks
Part 1
Monty shares insights into how Ponds Way was named and who Ted introduced as a "Barton Gangster" to journalist Jilly Cooper.
Bill Turner
Geoff Bryant
Di Plumb
Nigel Land
Monty Martin
Bill writes about stories he was told as a youngster. How his grandfather started work at Barton Railway station just before the MS&L (Mucky, Slow & Lazy) changed its name to the Great Central Railway.
Geoff explains in some detail about Medieval Barton's problems concerning Sewers, Dunghills and Waterslacks.
Di describes the history and restoration of the Memorial which was once described as a "handsome drinking fountain" (1898).
Nigel relates the set up of Fred Hopper's Whitesmith and Machinist business in the late 1800's.
Richard compares the features of the Water's Edge Country Park on the South Bank of the Humber and Baysgarth Park.
On Location in 1950's Barton through the film screenplay eyes of novelist Ted Lewis
Richard Clarke
The Trials and Tribulations of the Early Local Railways.
Peter Croton
Peter reveals some of the incidents that occured during the early years of steam locomotion, including intoxication, collision and "a ragged Irishman" charged with attempting to use an old ticket!

The GIC (later Esther) Fishing Smack
Richard Allison
Richard discusses the life and times of the 85 ton Fishing Smack and her crew.
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